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Grad School in Japan

The Instant Ramen website has an outstanding post on how to apply for the MEXT Scholarship for graduate school in Japan. Hao shares some great tips to help you pursue an advanced degree in the Land of the Rising Sun. For you Tweeters, follow HaoDesu and feel free to pass on additional information on scholarships in… Keep Reading


Race-based policy misses the mark

Debito Arudou has written a very interesting and eye-opening article for the Japan Times. In his article, he sheds light on the plight of cheap foreign labor and the race-based policies that initially took root over a century ago. Debito is also organizing a nationwide screenings of “Sour Strawberries” in late August and early September. Please… Keep Reading


Kimono Girl

The 963 Group, LLC of Pebble Beach, California brings you one of Japan’s top selling cosmetic gift items, Kimono Girl oil-blotting tissues. Kimono Girl is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and powder-free! Each Kimono Girl package is an actual hand-drawn Kagayuzen Kimono pattern. No two are the same! The Kimono Girl concept was developed by Nakahama-san,… Keep Reading


90% of Japanese polled support Obama

New U.S. President Obama, 47, started his work on Jan. 21, a day after his historic inaugural address. Obama retook his oath of office at the White House because a word was out of sequence when he was sworn in on Tuesday. However, Obama has now set about to bring change. To begin with, Obama… Keep Reading


Living With In-Laws Linked to Heart Risks in Japanese Women

The NYT reports: In Japan, living with the in-laws can be detrimental to Japanese women. Arigato to Steve S. for the link! Japanese women are generally not at high risk for heart attacks — unless they live with in-laws, according to a new study. Married Japanese women who live with both their husbands and a… Keep Reading

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