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Dear Life: Responding to Ignorance

This podcast struck a cord with me and brought back some unpleasant memories of when I started my journey to learn more about Africa, Japan and Asia. Actually this podcast really pissed me off because it seems like no matter how hard sistas (and other women/men) try to improve mentally, physically, spiritually or financially, there… Keep Reading


Commentary: What Barack Obama means to me

When President-elect Barack Obama and his family move into the White House, it will signify moving into every household in America. Obama will not become some Black dude that moved in down the street located in a predominately White neighborhood and he and his family will not become the new Cosby Show. The Obamas will… Keep Reading


Loco in Yokohama

  Hello BT’ers! I would like to introduce a new blog that deals with life in Japan from an Afro perspective, Loco in Yokohama. Here is a blurb on the writer: I’m a New Yorker living in Japan…Yokohama is a long way from Brooklyn, and this blog is about that distance. I’m an English teacher… Keep Reading

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