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Gakuranman: How to Argue in Japanese

A very interesting post by Gakuranman on the art of verbal warfare in Japan. As he correctly points out, politics is one subject that may not be an advised topic of discussion in Japan, especially if it deals with the US military bases or the lack of (and I mean, nil, zilch, nada, nothing) information… Keep Reading


Grad School in Japan

The Instant Ramen website has an outstanding post on how to apply for the MEXT Scholarship for graduate school in Japan. Hao shares some great tips to help you pursue an advanced degree in the Land of the Rising Sun. For you Tweeters, follow HaoDesu and feel free to pass on additional information on scholarships in… Keep Reading


Japan manga publisher starts English version online

Japan Today reported: “Shogakukan Inc, in a rare move as a Japanese publisher, has started to allow people in the United States to read English versions of ‘‘manga’’ comic stories on the Internet at the same time as it publishes the original printed versions in Japan. The quick distribution of the ‘‘authorized’’ English version is… Keep Reading


Daily living guide in four languages

The municipal government of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward has released the “Guide to Living in Shinjuku,” a daily life manual in four languages aimed at new foreign residents. The illustrated guide is in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese with furigana phonetic readings above the kanji characters for easy reading. The guide covers details of moving into… Keep Reading


Berlitz sues striking instructors

Background: Soichiro Fukutake, owner of Berlitz’s parent company Benesse Corp. is on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires.  In 2009 Fukutake is ranked 17th (up 6 from 2008) in Japan with a net worth of $1.4 billion. Benesse Corp. net sales totaled ¥384 billion in fiscal 2007 (which ended March 31, 2008), an 8.4 percent… Keep Reading


Japan Learning from President Obama's Oratory

I purchased  the “Collection of Obama Speeches” yesterday. The CD has proven to be a hit in Japan but I am curious to see how Japan’s political circle responds/reacts to the inaugural speech and to the new face of America. I wonder if any Nakasone-ish type comments will hit the press? The Shukan Asahi reports… Keep Reading

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