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Starting a Business in Japan

Interested in forming your own company in Japan? Well, here is an informative post for you from Jonathan Michaels as he describes the process he took to establish a business in Japan. He details: “…having a sole-proprietor business up and running and talk about incorporating and the tax reasons therefore. By the way, by “sole-proprietor… Keep Reading

StarrWulf: Thoughts on Japan and the World 1 Week Later

Hey BT’ers! An insightful and honest observation on being in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami from Jason a.k.a. @starrwulf on Twitter. He says: “Ever since the Great Kanto-Tohoku Disaster took place, I have had some things I wanted to say–to explain where I was, what I felt, and how I feel now… It’s taken… Keep Reading

First Fridays & Black History Month Launch Party

Hello BT’ers! Here is the first of seven events planned by the Tokyo Black Professionals to celebrate Black History Month. The seven-event series kicks off with First Fridays! BTW, I will post various articles relating to Black History Month and of course being Black in Asia during the month of February. Have something to contribute?… Keep Reading

Talent Agencies in Japan

A very interesting post on the “jimusho” in Japan by Neo Japon Is Me (neojaponisme). I belonged to several jimushos while etching a living from television, print and film (one). Mostly the experience was good until the money started rolling in and the jimusho did not dole it out. When I was relegated to earning… Keep Reading

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