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Obama Makes Good on Promise to Attack Yakuza

Well, I guess that America made good on its promise to go after Japan’s yakuza. In my previous post on US President Obama declared war on the yakuza via an Executive Order: Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations, the US names four transnational organized crime groups, including the Yakuza, and authorizes the U.S. Treasury, working with… Keep Reading

Photo of a PlayStation 3 game consul.

Sony’s costly mistake

Sony will provide network account holders with information on obtaining free identity theft protection. Furthermore, Sony will offer free content in an attempt to keep many dissatisfied customers from jumping ship. profile data, purchase history and security answers were compromised as well, which in the wrong hands can obviously be used for further fraudulent activity because many people use the same passwords and challenge questions for all of their accounts. Keep Reading

Can Increased Sales Tax Rebuild Japan?

[Via the WSJ Asia Today: Can Japan Afford Its Reconstruction?] “Japan is striving to go from crisis mode to reconstruction mode, but can it afford the hefty price tag associated with rebuilding? WSJ’s Yumiko Ono and Jake Schlesinger discuss the country’s plan, including raising the national sales tax.” via the WSJ Keep Reading

Devastation in Japan

Devastation in Japan: The Aftermath and Implications of the World’s Fifth Largest Earthquake – Event Summary: In days following Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, television and Internet images have been among the most shocking in recent memory. The scope of the disaster is historic and almost incomprehensible. The implications of the disaster are still unfolding,… Keep Reading

Is the Land of the Rising Sun Sinking?

China finally overtook Japan and became the world’s second-biggest economy, according to data released this week in Tokyo, which showed minimal GDP growth in the land of the rising sun, while its huge neighbor continued its blistering rise. While some observers say the change in the economic world order is “purely symbolic,” others say it… Keep Reading

How Low Can You Go?

The dollar tumbled to 14-year low against the Japanese yen Thursday after indications U.S. interest rates will remain low and that the Federal Reserve isn’t overly concerned about the dollar’s slide. The dollar sank to 86.51 yen in Tokyo trading, the lowest since July 1995. Analysts said some investors were selling the dollar to buy gold,… Keep Reading

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