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Eight Languages in Japan Could Disappear

With only 15 speakers left, the Ainu language is “critically endangered” while seven other languages in Japan are also at risk of disappearing, according to a UNESCO report. These eight languages in Japan are among about 2,500 around the world that have become or could become extinct, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s… Keep Reading


My Charm Point

Here is an interesting video that deals with “being different” in Japan. Steve points out that “the young lady is not a foreigner: not Dutch nor American nor ‘hafu’. What she is is a tall Japanese woman. and lots and lots of people have something to say about it. So — once and for all —… Keep Reading


Baka in Tokyo, Aho in Osaka, Dara in Kanazawa?

Having trouble keeping up with the hogen (dialects) in Japan? Ever wonder how the Japanese say, “crazy,” for example in different parts of Japan (refer to the map above)? Most of you know that it’s baka in Tokyo, Aho in Osaka, or Dala in Kanazawa for example. Check out Yahoo! Japan’s website GoTouchi to learn more… Keep Reading

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