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Design your own KitKat box

Invisible Gaijin has a great post for you KitKat lovers. It seems that you can now design your own custom KitKat box. “Taking the idea of consumer-generated content to the extreme, Nestle Japan’s www.chocollabo.com site lets you choose design templates, add your own photos, and write your own copy. Japan is one of the most… Keep Reading


Japan – in Almost Motion

 Jean Snow has a very interesting videopresentation of Japan. Below is a blurb on Jean from his webstite: Jean Snow lives and breathes design, pop culture, and gaming in Tokyo — sustained by an unhealthy addiction to magazines and frequent visits to his favorites cafes. He has reported on these obsessions for the following online/offline publications: Time, Inside (Australian… Keep Reading


Tracking Japanese manhole covers with Google Maps

Interesting story from James over at Japan Probe: “Mainichi reports about a new website that uses Google Maps to track the locations of cool and unique manhole covers in Japan: Contributors can add photos of manhole covers directly from their mobile phones, along with global positioning system (GPS) data to mark its location on the map. The… Keep Reading


Zurui's Japan via Flickr

  I have a ton of pictures and video on Japan and never took the time to upload them to Flickr. Now that I revised the website, I have a good reason to share my various pictures of life in Japan. I will try to upload new pictures and video a few times a month!… Keep Reading


The Japanese art of useless homes

  Another interesting post on housing in Japan. Philip Brasor at the Japan Times writes: Last spring, when the effects of the American sub-prime loan disaster were being felt but the world economy was still relatively OK, there was an article in the Asahi Shimbun written by one of the paper’s financial reporters who recalled… Keep Reading


Japan's Good Design Awards 2008

I love architecture and design. Business Week has a great story on Jun Aoki, winner of the 2008 top design award in Japan. Check out his story and the stories on the other 15 best designs in Japan. Every year since 1957, the government-funded Japan Industrial Promotion Organization (JIDPO) has lent its prestigious Good Design… Keep Reading

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