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DPJ trying to deepen exchanges with U.S. Democratic Party

DPJ Leaders and National Security Figures from US Democratic Party Hold Talks with an Eye on Administration Transitions That is the headline for this Sankei report. According to the article, Naoto Kan, Yukio Hatoyama, Katsuya Okada, Seiji Maehara—the DPJ’s four ex-leaders—and other DPJ members met national security figures from the Democratic Party yesterday at a hotel in Tokyo.… Keep Reading


A New Pride in America?

I read the Eugene Robinson (pictured above) piece, “Obama Campaign Instills New Pride” and felt the need to comment here at Black Tokyo. Mr. Robinson writes for the Washington Post. His column is distributed by the Washington Post Writers Group, 1150 15th NW, Washington, DC 20071. You can reach him at eugenerobinson@washpost.com. Please feel free to… Keep Reading


Europeans back Obama, Asians like McCain

Could Europe be categorized as a U.S. Democratic Party “blue state” and Asia, a Republican Party “red state”? American presidential elections provide a near perfect test to understand the difference between European and Asian worldviews, even if the two continents are far from united internally. If you want America to lead by the power of… Keep Reading


David Letterman Slams John McCain

[display_podcast] You know, I use to really admire Senator John McCain. I praised McCain when I taught Life in Captivity and Resistance to Interrogation classes. Now I respect him as a fellow Veteran but I am highly disappointed in his most recent duck and run tactic. Some folks call it being chicken or a coward.… Keep Reading


Obama Picks Biden for Vice President

The secrets out! Joe Biden was critical of Obama at the beginning, stating: “Obama is not ready!” Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. Will John McCain focus on these statements. Of course he will. But hey, game on! Late Friday, CNN reported that Sen. Hillary Clinton had been told she is not the vice… Keep Reading

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