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Little Black Sambo Musical at a Daycare Center

Hello BT’ers! It’s been a while since I posted (due to the birth of my son, Sho (勝),  but I  wanted to share, with the writer’s permission, an email that I received: Dear Black Tokyo, I would like to bring the following matter to your attention. A daycare center named Midori Hoikuen (みどり保育園), or Green… Keep Reading

Disgrasian scrutinizes Japan Probe

Oh laaawd! Disgrasian doesn’t care about white people! Or should I say, “Wow! Disgrasian doesn’t care about white people? Really? That’s a strong statement! I guess that my post on the newest foreign face of McDonald’s Japan, Mr. James, is deemed safe or tame, considering the feedback previously received when questioning “selective rants from other… Keep Reading


What's in your wallet?: The Zairyuu Kaado with IC chip

Debito Arudou’s article, “IC you: bugging the alien” brings up the debate on privacy, immigration, Big Brother, the use and/or abuse of technology, and well, possibly for some, unfounded fears. Debito states “new gaijin id cards could allow police to remotely track foreigners.” I sort of sat on the fence on the new “gaijin (gaikokujin),”… Keep Reading


Race-based policy misses the mark

Debito Arudou has written a very interesting and eye-opening article for the Japan Times. In his article, he sheds light on the plight of cheap foreign labor and the race-based policies that initially took root over a century ago. Debito is also organizing a nationwide screenings of “Sour Strawberries” in late August and early September. Please… Keep Reading


Will Japan tackle slander on the Internet?

Japan’s Justice Ministry announced that Internet slander cases rose 23% in 2008. I have seen my fair share of “haters” flaming, spamming and spewing their rhetoric on various websites. As I said in my Japan Times interview, “Black Tokyo receives a fair amount of spam and occasional hate mail.” Another thing spread on the Internet are… Keep Reading


Punishing foreigners, exonerating Japanese

THE ZEIT GIST – Debito Arudou sees growing evidence of judicial double standards!  Did you know?: Under the Foreign Registry Law (Article 18) only foreigners can be arrested, fined up to ¥200,000 and incarcerated for up to a year just for not carrying ID 24-7! Examine any justice system and patterns emerge. For example, consider how… Keep Reading

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