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A View of White People in Japan

Many expats in Japan have run into the “Oh no! Don’t look him/her (another expat) in the eye!” type of Westerner. I have on numerous occurs had conversations with Black Americans as to why this happens. Here is take on “F#cken White People!!!” in Japan. What do you think? Photo credit via The Pain Comics.   Keep Reading

Japanese Cities Make AskMen Top 29 Cities to Live In

WHAT CITY WAS  SELECTED AS 2010’S BEST PLACE FOR MEN TO LIVE? AskMen reveals its global ranking of the most livable cities for men! [Via the AskMen Press Release] “Los Angeles, Calif. (April 19, 2010) — AskMen, the world’s No. 1 lifestyle site for men, today unveiled its second annual Top 29 Cities To Live… Keep Reading

What Japan Thinks: Japanese women dream of the USA

Ken Y-N over at “What Japan Thinks” posted a very interesting survey. I only wish that the survey gave a breakdown on the type (ethnicity/race) of those preferred in the US, UK and other countries with a melting pot, salad bowl or whatever term is the flavor of the P.C. month. To flip the script,… Keep Reading

Working rather than dating

Wow! Interesting statistic on “freshmen” in Japan, Inc. I wonder if this has anything to do with More than 80 percent of new recruits who started working this spring would choose to work if asked to do overtime rather than go out on a date, according to a survey, possibly reflecting a shift in young… Keep Reading


Are you “Hafu” / Half Japanese?

I received an email from the creator of  “Hafu” regarding upcoming events in Japan. I am sure that many of you have read the Japan Times article,”Hafu, focuses on whole individual” which was published back in February 2009. The creator states that: “This is an ongoing project that creates a dialogue about being in between cultures.… Keep Reading


Girl! I'm proud of you!

Here is the latest from Dear Life: WTH Let’s get it together ladies! She responds to email received from viewer that watched her You Tube video “What a Japanese guy thinks of Black girls.” She says of the “Dear Life: WTH Let’s get it together ladies!” video, “This is not a rant, but something that I… Keep Reading

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