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Loco in Yokohama: Sh*t Apologist Say…

Another interesting and “calling-it-like-it-is” post from Baye McNeil a.k.a. Loco in Yokohama on “Shit Apologist Say About The Empty/Gaijin Seat + Some Intentionally Silly Stuff.” Are Loco and the YouTube presenters on point? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dnf16MhZcvs#! Summation: “Embrace the Gaijin Seat, Don’t get offended.” Loco’s commentary on the Inaka Blues YouTube video: “I bet this guy would… Keep Reading

Food and Drink during the Japanese New Year

Hey BT’ers! A look at some traditional Japanese food and drink (and what it symbolizes) during the New Year. Feel free to leave comments or questions on the Black Tokyo TV YouTube channel.  I look forward to providing you with additional videos on Japan. Keep Reading

Rhyming Gaijin – YouTube Next Up Entry

  Hey BT’ers! For those not familiar with Japan, or for those that need to reminisce, check out Rhyming Gaijin’s interactive Shibuya tour. I look forward to seeing how this develops. I may have to bite and use this for one of my projects, LOL! BTW, I first introduced Rhyming Gaijin in late 2010. The young… Keep Reading

Black in Japan Series

Hey BT’ers! Here is an interesting video series by Gimmeaflakeman on being black in Japan. The first person interviewed in Kemushichan. Be sure to check out her FB page, YouTube videos and Gaman series.. Keep Reading

Picture of an attractive black woman with a fashionable short hair style.

Wil Power’s Haircare Tips

Because the chlorine is not good for relaxed hair, the conditioner acts as a buffer and prevents the chlorine from penetrating the hair follicles. Trimming your ends helps keep your hair healthy. Keep Reading

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