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Piracy and Japan’s Constitution Revisited

In a previous post on “Africa: Is Black back for Japan, China and the USA?” I looked at the “renewed” interest in Africa and its resources. With the news that Japan will build a base in Djibouti to protect cargo and other ships from pirates, it seems that Japan’s interest has peaked and I bet… Keep Reading


A New Interpretation of Article 9

  I have previously blogged about the Japanese Self Defense Force… It’s 2008 and Japan has the second strongest military force in Asia, continues to spend 1 percent of its GDP on defense, has acquired some pretty neat military toys (and sells a few using a broad interpretation of “aid”), has redeployed newer fighter aircraft… Keep Reading


Permanent JSDF Overseas Deployment Law?

The article below written by CRAIG MARTIN, Special to The Japan Times, was a extreme pleasure to read. Why? Well, I guess you can say that I do not agree with everything. The piece provided a nice break from my research and gives me a chance to pour out the Jim Jones punch and go against… Keep Reading

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