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It's time for America to go and for Japan to rearm!

I am afraid that Japan might head in a direction that will tie its hands tighter because of its masochistic view of history that is gripping Japan today. I am concerned that unless someone stops it, Japan might fall in the near future. Zurui: Tamogami holds no punches in his interview. His view of white nations… Keep Reading


Divorcee sues to register child to real dad

  OKAYAMA (Kyodo) A woman in Soja, Okayama Prefecture, who gave birth within 300 days of her divorce will file a lawsuit seeking ¥3.3 million in compensation from the city for refusing to register her baby as born to her and her current husband, the woman’s lawyer said Monday. The city rejected the registration submitted… Keep Reading


Withdrawal Agreement Between USA and Iraq

  | 1   Agreement Between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq On the Withdrawal of United States Forces from Iraq and the Organization of Their Activities during Their Temporary Presence in Iraq  Preamble  The United States of America and the Republic of Iraq, referred to hereafter as “the  Parties”:  Recognizing the importance of:… Keep Reading


Child Pornography Prevention Law Amendment

Experts concerned about bill amending Child Pornography Prevention Law, fearing restrictions on manga, anime, investigating authorities’ view reflected in judgment, freedom of expression undermined The ruling coalition has submitted a bill amending the Child Pornography Prevention Law to the current Diet session. The bill prohibits the individual possession of child pornography and indecent videos. Manga… Keep Reading


Japan's Renaissance

Journalist Yoshiko Sakurai (Shukan Shincho) wrote the article below. The comments and links that I posted will provide you with additional information. Additionally, the highlights and items in bold or red are my, (Zurui’s), emphasis:  In the evening of Oct. 19, four Chinese military ships transited the Tsugaru Strait from the Japan Sea to the… Keep Reading


Europeans back Obama, Asians like McCain

Could Europe be categorized as a U.S. Democratic Party “blue state” and Asia, a Republican Party “red state”? American presidential elections provide a near perfect test to understand the difference between European and Asian worldviews, even if the two continents are far from united internally. If you want America to lead by the power of… Keep Reading

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