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Piracy and Japan's Constitution

In a special to the Japan Times, Craig Martin, a Canadian lawyer currently working on a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania on the relationship between constitutional and international law constraints on the use of armed force, writes about piracy and Japan’s constitution. I enjoy reading, discussing and debating the many insightful articles found on Mr.… Keep Reading


Japanese military assumes more global role

This seems like a good follow-up piece to my conversation yesterday with a writer from the Nikkei Keizai Shimbun. The near future will prove very interesting for Japan and its quest for military parity in Asia. CAMP MAKOMANAI, Japan—Col. Kenji Sawai, commander of Japan’s 18th Infantry Regiment, stands in his headquarters dressed from head to… Keep Reading


DPJ's Ozawa does not understand

Here is a follow-up to my post, “DPJ’s Ozawa: U.S. Navy in Japan is enough.” It seems like I am not the only one that thinks Ozawa is misses the mark with his comments. The Mainichi Shimbun reports: Along with the Japan-U.S. summit, Ichiro Ozawa, president of the leading opposition Democratic Party of Japan (Minshuto),… Keep Reading


China to build aircraft carriers for first time

Zurui: I don’t know if “Made in China” has the same ring to an aircraft carrier but this is one Chinese product other than tainted gyoza that will catch the attention of Tokyo. It should also give Aso and the next prime minister (PM) of Japan (I think a new PM will be in place… Keep Reading


The alliance is dead, long live the alliance

This is a good read but I have a few differences of opinion. Nothing new, right? I always find something to disagree with. Anyway, I will save my banter for later and will only say that the “elites” of Japan need to learn how to multitask and focus on Japan’s security by supporting a structure… Keep Reading


Weapons use against pirates constitutional

I have previously blogged about Japan slowly returning to “normal nation” status in the international community. I believe that Japan’s Self Defense Force (SDF) will play a larger role “militarily” in the years to come, especially since there is nervous talk in Tokyo regarding the US-Japan security relationship. The article below is another example of… Keep Reading

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