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Kelsey in Japan and Hard Gay Ramen

Here’s a humorous video by Kelsey in Japan. She describes herself as “rather fond of having fun” and recently blogged about 25 Random Things About Me…in Japan, one of which is her being semi-obsessed with Hard Gay. Although he’s not on TV much recently, Kelsey really loves it when he does his dance thingy and shouts “Fu-hoo!”… Keep Reading


Yajima Beauty Salon – More Stupid Sh*t!

Tunnels and DJ Ozuma are back for more shadiness but I guess one way to revive a career is to do something out of the box or attempt to push the buttons of others. Click here for the original story on Yajima Beauty Salon. It may help to familiarize yourself with this CM before reading the post… Keep Reading


The Japanese Tradition: Sushi

Here is an interesting video on eating sushi in Japan. The video is in Japanese with English subtitles. Note that the subtitles are not an exact translation of the spoken Japanese and thus can serve as a great resource to help you practice your translation skills. Gambatte! [display_podcast] Keep Reading

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