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Black Tokyo Monogatari: Stereotypical Black Women in Japan

With the latest “look at me, I’m in blackface” misunderstanding” or as I like to call it “Black Ships and Blackface, How Perry Opened Japan to the West,” and yet another prominent columnist praising racial segregation under apartheid as a model for Japanese immigration policy in a leading right-wing Japanese newspaper, the Sankei Shimbun, it… Keep Reading


What Obama Drama? Stop Monkeying Around!

Well it seems like the foreign press picked up on my Obama is a Monkey in Japan? story. Addressing the E-Mobile CM is important to me because America, considered the richest and most powerful nation in the free world, is on the path of putting a Black male in the White House. Some folks are eager… Keep Reading


T.K.O. for B.O., Jero Hero in Kirin Fire Cafe Zero

Konnichi wa BT’ers! The post below was submitted by Ato in the ” Jero Enka Singer” thread on the Black Tokyo Forum. I like MANY other people of the Afro persuasion understands where he is coming from. Feel free to post your comments here or in the BT Forum. ————————- Ato’s post ————————   Thank… Keep Reading

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