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Former Lotte, Hanshin and MLB Pitcher Hideki Irabu Commits Suicide

Here is the latest on the former Chiba Lotte Marines and Hanshin Tigers pitcher Hideki Irabu suicide: [Via Hardball Takl] Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead at his California home yesterday.  The initial reports came from the Japanese paper, Asahi Shimbum, and his death has since been confirmed by the New York Yankees. Suicide… Keep Reading


On the Joys of Renting in Tokyo

The Green-eyed Geisha has a very interesting post on renting in Tokyo. After reading her spil I must say that I have felt her pain. Renting in Tokyo (and other parts of Japan) “is” a dirtly little secret. Please read her article below and let us know your thoughts and experience with renting in Tokyo. “More so… Keep Reading

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