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Black Tokyo Introduces Black Water

Octave One will be performing in Tokyo on Saturday August 13th at the "Raft 3rd Anniversary party" held at the "Womb" in Shibuya. The group has released some terrific music, but I would have to say that "BlackWater" featuring Ann Saunderson is my all time favorite song. Keep Reading

Rhyming Gaijin – YouTube Next Up Entry

  Hey BT’ers! For those not familiar with Japan, or for those that need to reminisce, check out Rhyming Gaijin’s interactive Shibuya tour. I look forward to seeing how this develops. I may have to bite and use this for one of my projects, LOL! BTW, I first introduced Rhyming Gaijin in late 2010. The young… Keep Reading

Black in Japan Series

Hey BT’ers! Here is an interesting video series by Gimmeaflakeman on being black in Japan. The first person interviewed in Kemushichan. Be sure to check out her FB page, YouTube videos and Gaman series.. Keep Reading

Say What? My Boyfriend is Asian

Hey BT’ers! Here is an interesting post by ShaSha over at the My Boyfriend is Asian blog entitled: “Wanna Meet Asian Men? Then Get Yo Ass Out the Country!” ShaSha writes” “LOL got your attention right? No, this isn’t a blog about the only way to meet great Asian men is to say F it… Keep Reading

Black Tokyo Radio

The Beginning via Spreaker Welcome to Black Tokyo Radio – “The Beginning,” my first radio broadcast of independent music via Spreaker. Listen for some soul, funk, R&B, jazz, fusion and everything else that will put you in the groove! Listen at your leisure and chat with other listeners online via the integrated chat feature. If… Keep Reading

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