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Japan & African Americans from the Russo-Japanese War to Pearl Harbor

I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Ben Karp’s presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University in Japan on the Golden Era of Black and Japanese relations. He discusses W.E. Du Bois’ travels to Japan and provides insights to a period considered a peak of Black – Japanese relations. Additionally, Mr. Karp had… Keep Reading

Black Tokyo Introduces Black Water

Octave One will be performing in Tokyo on Saturday August 13th at the "Raft 3rd Anniversary party" held at the "Womb" in Shibuya. The group has released some terrific music, but I would have to say that "BlackWater" featuring Ann Saunderson is my all time favorite song. Keep Reading

6.7 Shakes Iwate Prefecture

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred at 06:51 Jun 23 (Japan time) in the Iwate prefecture. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency the depth of the trembler was about 20 km. A brief tsunami warning was issued, however as of late it has been cancelled. There are no reports of damage at this time. We will keep you posted as information comes in. Keep Reading

Say What? My Boyfriend is Asian

Hey BT’ers! Here is an interesting post by ShaSha over at the My Boyfriend is Asian blog entitled: “Wanna Meet Asian Men? Then Get Yo Ass Out the Country!” ShaSha writes” “LOL got your attention right? No, this isn’t a blog about the only way to meet great Asian men is to say F it… Keep Reading

Tokyo’s Governor pulls the plug on vending machines

As Japan braces for the summer months and the looming posiblity of power shortages, the governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara has issued the order to pull the plug on vending machines in the area. With roughly one machine for every twenty-three people, Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita. Keep Reading

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