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Blackness in Flux in Japan

I had the pleasure of co-presenting at the University of California – Berkeley’s Center for Race & Gender with Grits and Sushi blogger and Ph.D candidate, Ms. Mitzi Uehara Carter, and scholar and Water Children blogger, Mr. Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd, M.A. The presentation, “DEPLOYMENT, BASES, AND THE US MILITARY IN MOVEMENT: 

The Hafu Project August 2010 Events

Via the Hafu website: Our events are designed to create opportunities to instigate fruitful discussions on cultural diversity, identity and ‘race’ in a profound and thoughtful way. Typically, our talks are 30-45 minutes long with plenty of images and quotes from interviews, followed by a discussion. Our exhibition can also be booked, usually for a… Keep Reading


Host: Hafu Japanese Type: Education – Lecture Network: Global Price: 2000/3000 Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009 Time: 6:00pm – 11:55pm Location: Last Chicas ラスチカスB1F (最寄の駅:Omotesando 表参道) Email: info[at]hafujapanese[dot]org This is our first talk event in Japan in Japanese! English speakers are welcome to join us and enjoy the networking party from 8pm too. EVENT “Nibun-no-ni”… Keep Reading


Japan expects Clinton to help resolve abduction issue

Japan expects Clinton’s Japan visit on Feb. 16 to help resolve abduction issue. Now if only the issue of married/divorce Japanese women kidnapping their biracial / dual nationality children is discussed!  A Japan-U.S. negotiator commented:  “The Obama administration is fully aware that removing North Korea from the terror list has not helped resolve the issue; on… Keep Reading


Half, bi or double? One family's trouble

Here is an interesting article written by Kristy Kosaka for the Zeit Gist that deals with an issue commonly discussed here on Black Tokyo, acknowledging and embracing multiculturalism in Japan. Please feel free to comment on the article. It may not matter for inanimate objects, incapable of altering their own sweet smell, but for humans… Keep Reading


Multiple Citizenship Plan Introduced

The issue of nationality had never been discussed more seriously than it was in 2008. LDP Lower-House Member Taro Kono seeks to rectify the dual citizenship situation. Japan is the only developed country that does not automatically grant citizenship to babies born within its territory, allow its nationals to have multiple citizenship or let foreigners… Keep Reading

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