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Black / Black – Asian / Blasian Hair!

Hair is a topic that is often discussed, especially within the Black Community. Now talk about “Black” hair when it comes to biracial/bicultural children and the conversation takes on a new dynamic. I love my Afro but keeping it conditioned and styled is not without its challenges here in Japan. Then again, finding a barber… Keep Reading

Hapa and Black Asian Identity

Here is an interesting post that examines Black Asians and identity by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, a Japanese/American multicultural psychologist and author. “Are Hapa White Asian Americans? Some people seem to think hapa means white Asian American, even though it originally refers to Hawaiian mixtures and is not confined to hapa haole. I never had that impression myself,… Keep Reading

Black Tokyo on the relationship between Asians and African Americans

Catch the conversation on the relationship between Asians and African Americans, Blasian kids, the group Hiroshima and more via Blog Talk Radio. What’s your take? Your comments are welcome! Featured guests: Eric L. Robinson, Editor BlackTokyo.com; Jackie Penn, actor; Onica Cupido, Editor, Euphoria Luv; Maria More, Blasian Atlanta DJ. Listen to internet radio with SundayMorning… Keep Reading

The Hafu Project August 2010 Events

Via the Hafu website: Our events are designed to create opportunities to instigate fruitful discussions on cultural diversity, identity and ‘race’ in a profound and thoughtful way. Typically, our talks are 30-45 minutes long with plenty of images and quotes from interviews, followed by a discussion. Our exhibition can also be booked, usually for a… Keep Reading


China to build two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers

China continues to rise. It will require billions of dollars and a great deal of the country’s military design capacity. China will end up with a much smaller ship than the American super-carriers, with weapons about a generation behind. But this will still put it far ahead of its neighbors — no East Asian country currently has… Keep Reading


Multinationalism remains far from acceptance in Japan

Setsuko Kamiya, Japan Times reports: “In a country notorious for its exclusive immigration policy, the question of whether to allow Japanese to hold dual citizenship became a surprisingly hot policy topic last year after members of the ruling party breached the issue. In many other parts of the world, it’s a matter that has already been discussed… Keep Reading

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