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Japan to open military base in Africa

I knew it! I saw this coming when I previously blogged about the Chinese establishing a bigger foothold in various parts Africa. Here is a report via the AFP: In an attempt to stop the on going problem of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, Japan will be opening its first overseas military base in… Keep Reading


Piracy and Japan's Constitution

In a special to the Japan Times, Craig Martin, a Canadian lawyer currently working on a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania on the relationship between constitutional and international law constraints on the use of armed force, writes about piracy and Japan’s constitution. I enjoy reading, discussing and debating the many insightful articles found on Mr.… Keep Reading


A New Interpretation of Article 9

  I have previously blogged about the Japanese Self Defense Force… It’s 2008 and Japan has the second strongest military force in Asia, continues to spend 1 percent of its GDP on defense, has acquired some pretty neat military toys (and sells a few using a broad interpretation of “aid”), has redeployed newer fighter aircraft… Keep Reading


Permanent JSDF Overseas Deployment Law?

The article below written by CRAIG MARTIN, Special to The Japan Times, was a extreme pleasure to read. Why? Well, I guess you can say that I do not agree with everything. The piece provided a nice break from my research and gives me a chance to pour out the Jim Jones punch and go against… Keep Reading

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