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Article 9

Revising the Japanese Constitution

A website translating the new draft of the Japanese constitution into English which the Liberal Democratic Party (the party which PM Abe Shinzo belongs to) wrote/proposed. Keep Reading

Cunning Linguistics and the Japanese Constitution

In response to an article in the Japan Times and as a follow-up to my post and discussion on Japan's remilitarization, the information below is presented to further discuss or argue over Japan’s right to collective self-defense. Keep Reading

Japan classified as an aircraft carrier power and does not rule out war

I love indicators and love it when the truth comes out. In 2008, I blogged on Japan Rising in the Pacific which discusses Japan’s military ambitions and right to self-collective defense. Here is the latest from the IISS via the China Daily: Japan has been formally classified for the first time since World War II as… Keep Reading


Piracy and Japan’s Constitution Revisited

In a previous post on “Africa: Is Black back for Japan, China and the USA?” I looked at the “renewed” interest in Africa and its resources. With the news that Japan will build a base in Djibouti to protect cargo and other ships from pirates, it seems that Japan’s interest has peaked and I bet… Keep Reading


Japan’s About Face

With my recent and past posts on the Japanese Self Defense Force, here is an interesting story, “Japan’s About Face,” that looks at the slow but ever changing role of Japan’s Self Defense Force. The PBS program, Wide Angle reports: Japan’s About-Face is a remarkable window into the shifting role of the military in post-war… Keep Reading

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