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Zurui's Japan via Flickr

  I have a ton of pictures and video on Japan and never took the time to upload them to Flickr. Now that I revised the website, I have a good reason to share my various pictures of life in Japan. I will try to upload new pictures and video a few times a month!… Keep Reading


Ping Mag Make

Introducing Ping Mag Make. Here is a blurb from their website: ingMag MAKE is the sister site to PingMag. We use an interview format to put the spotlight on a wide range of people active in rural areas. We document the voices of these unknown heroes and broadcast them to the world. It’s the Japan-based magazine… Keep Reading


Child Pornography Prevention Law Amendment

Experts concerned about bill amending Child Pornography Prevention Law, fearing restrictions on manga, anime, investigating authorities’ view reflected in judgment, freedom of expression undermined The ruling coalition has submitted a bill amending the Child Pornography Prevention Law to the current Diet session. The bill prohibits the individual possession of child pornography and indecent videos. Manga… Keep Reading


African beauties, Japan's beauty

  Kumi Matsumaru / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer Photographer Mariko Itagaki says she has a great affinity for Africa, and African women in particular. She says they seem to embody the energy of life. “Yet, I also find a sense of warmth or repose in them, similar to something we have had in Japan since… Keep Reading

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