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Japan & African Americans from the Russo-Japanese War to Pearl Harbor

I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Ben Karp’s presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University in Japan on the Golden Era of Black and Japanese relations. He discusses W.E. Du Bois’ travels to Japan and provides insights to a period considered a peak of Black – Japanese relations. Additionally, Mr. Karp had… Keep Reading

Apple Japan App Store Accounts Hacked

[Via The Next Web] Reports are emerging that users of Apple’s App Store in Japan have had their accounts hacked and used to make fraudulent purchases. At least 50 customer complaints have been posted to discussion boards on Apple Inc.’s Japanese App Store, claiming their accounts had been hacked to make illicit in-game purchases for… Keep Reading


Japan Car Navi iPhone App

Asiajin reports:  ZENRIN DataCom’s[J] new application is a valiant push toward a genuine GPS car navigation system for the iPhone 3G. It’s currently sitting at No. 4 on the App Store’s Top Paid list and it only(!) costs 1,800 yen (at the time of writing, just under US$20). The application’s name is いつもナビ 地図+ルート which translates roughly… Keep Reading

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