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Tokyo Cheapo’s Tokyo Interactive Rent Finder Map

This will come in handy for those looking for somewhere to call home in Tokyo! “Created by Tokyo Cheapo friend and coder extraordinaire Fabian Dubois, this is an interactive map showing the average monthly rental price of all the districts in central Tokyo. Hover your mouse over a neighbourhood and adjust the room size slider… Keep Reading


Cheap digs for those grinding in Tokyo

I am happy to see the Part-Timer, Arbeiter, Freeter and Foreign Worker (PAFF) union step-up and do something for those new to the workforce. The Mainichi reports: “For young temporary workers, just paying the rent can be a real burden. However, help is on the way with new and cheap apartments in Tokyo’s Yotsuya area.… Keep Reading


Where have all the foreigners gone?

The latest from Japan, Inc’s Terrie Lloyd: Talking of meltdowns, the problems in the international banking sector is obviously hitting the Tokyo expat community hard. Although there are no statistics, it is not difficult to see evidence of the escalating departure of foreigners as the recession (or is it already a depression?) gathers pace. Restaurants serving… Keep Reading


Tokyo Surreal Estate

  Here is an interesting look at “Living in Japan” from a guy looking for a place to live in Tokyo. He posts some nice shots of older homes in Japan that are often affordable to many foreign residents. Much of the hot and hot, not to mention hot month of July was spent trailing… Keep Reading


For Rent: Reversible Destiny Lofts

[display_podcast] This in from the Pink Tentacle: This video takes a peek inside their Reversible Destiny Lofts in the Mitaka area of western Tokyo. Designed to stimulate the senses and force inhabitants to use balance, physical strength and imagination, the lofts feature uneven floors, oddly positioned power switches and outlets, walls and surfaces painted a dizzying array of… Keep Reading

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