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Manga and Anime

Are you a manga or anime lover? Maybe your curious to know why manga and anime are popular. Well, here is an interesting podcast by “An External Thought in the Mind of Godzilla” a.k.a. Patrick Macias that gives some insight into the world of manga and anime otaku. [An External Thought in the Mind of… Keep Reading


My Charm Point

Here is an interesting video that deals with “being different” in Japan. Steve points out that “the young lady is not a foreigner: not Dutch nor American nor ‘hafu’. What she is is a tall Japanese woman. and lots and lots of people have something to say about it. So — once and for all —… Keep Reading


Nihonjinron and a few other obstacles

I came across an interesting post on Victory Manual that deals with the often narrow world-view found in Japanese media. The writer says: “the idea that Japanese are especially uniquely unique is only an obstacle into the culture, and really proves to not be the case in reality.” “I was reading through the 8th and… Keep Reading


WTF? Simple possession of child porn unpunishable in Japan

Third World Congress against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents: Viewing child porn, manga depicting such to be criminalized; Simple possession of child porn unpunishable in Japan It has been seven years since the Yokohama congress, and Japan has yet to regulate the simple possession of child porn. This is a problem. I want Japan… Keep Reading


Child Pornography Prevention Law Amendment

Experts concerned about bill amending Child Pornography Prevention Law, fearing restrictions on manga, anime, investigating authorities’ view reflected in judgment, freedom of expression undermined The ruling coalition has submitted a bill amending the Child Pornography Prevention Law to the current Diet session. The bill prohibits the individual possession of child pornography and indecent videos. Manga… Keep Reading


Black Tokyo Online Store

You can now purchase Black Tokyo promotional items on Cafe Press. Please click the BT Shop link under the banner or here to browse and order. Thank you for your continued support! Keep Reading

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