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Black Tokyo T-Shirts

Black Tokyo Dai Ichi Campaign Welcome to the initial campaign to launch Black Tokyo – First in Urban Japan brand merchandise. With your support, we hope to present additional one of a kind designs from Japan on a monthly basis. Please tell a friend! Click here to view and share the t-shirt campaign link! Keep Reading

daimyo and retainer

Black History in Japan: Did You Know?

It is time to bring to light long-ignored Japanese readings of African American history, literature, and struggle and investigate why the story of Japanese interactions with African Americans has been muted rather than celebrated. Keep Reading

UNIQLOCK Continues

Just what is UNIQLOCK? It’s a fusion of dance video routines, time signal music and clock utility. The video sequence and the clock display intervenes one another every 5 seconds, while the time signal music seamlessly connects the two. The infinite video sequence appears randomly and endlessly. Viewers are eager to see what happens next.… Keep Reading

Mos Def in Japan

Check out Mos Def as he shares his insights during his 7-day tour in Osaka and Tokyo to promote his new album, Ecstatic. Brought to you by Embedded. Check out the Mos Def websites here and here. Keep Reading

The Accessories Trunk Show: Gye Nyame and ILLOT Collections!

Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009 Time: 7:30pm Place: The Kimono Wine Bar (Nisseki Dori in Nishi-Azabu 7-chome) The Accessories Trunk Show: Gye Nyame and ILLOT Collections! Ladies, we are made to be adored…and adorned. The first is on you, but the people at the Kimono Wine Bar can help you with the second: go and revel in… Keep Reading


Tenso: Get Your Own Japanese Shipping Address

    Tofugu has a great post on how to ship things from Japan to you, if you happen not to reside in the Land of the Rising Fun. What Tenso is doing is one of those ideas where you think “dang, I shoulda thought of that.” It’s simple, it’s helpful, and provides a really… Keep Reading

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