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The Afro and the Origins of the Afro Pick

The Afro comb and the politics of hair: Audio slideshow The Afro comb has been used by people in Africa and the continent’s diaspora for centuries. An exhibition at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum looks at the Afro comb’s impact as both a hair care tool and cultural symbol over the last 6,000 years.… Keep Reading

Sake and Food

I recently backed a great Kickstarter project, Birth of Sake. Via the Cebu Osani Blog: The Birth of Saké is a documentary film about the workers and production seasons at Tedorigawa, a fifth-generation, family-owned sake brewery in Ishikawa, Japan. Tedorigawa has been producing some of the world’s top award winning sakés since 1870, and still… Keep Reading

The Lack of Equality

Five decades after Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, D.C., a new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that fewer than half (45%) of all Americans say the country has made substantial progress toward racial equality and about the same share (49%) say that “a lot more” remains to… Keep Reading

TEPCO says, right now, we have an emergency.

Well, not trying to seem like an alarmist but: “Reuters is reporting an unfolding emergency at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Shinji Kinjo, head of a Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) task force, has told Reuters that highly radioactive groundwater has breached an underground barrier and is rising towards the surface. The contamination is… Keep Reading

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