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Renting in Japan (No Foreigners Allowed) 日本の賃貸事情(外国人受け入れ禁止)

In Part 1 of “Renting in Japan,” Black Tokyo reports the latest statistics on foreigners residing in Japan, shares his apartment search experience, and presents why discrimination will remain a problem for foreigners residing in Japan. 「レンタル・イン・ジャパン」の第1部では、日本に住んでいる外国人の最新の統計に基づき、賃貸物件を借りるにあたり体験した差別を共有し、なぜ未だ日本には外国人差別が残っているのかを説明しています。 Keep Reading

Why Japan?

Eye-Ai Magazine interviews Zurui, the Black Tokyo Creative Director. As you may know, Black Tokyo started as an online forum in 1999. The website has evolved from a forum and is now brand that disseminates information via various popular social media platforms. Eye-Ai is the only monthly publication in English devoted entirely to Japanese entertainment… Keep Reading

Blasian Narratives: A Black and Asian Intersection

  Mitzi Uehara Carter interviewed Director Jivan Atman on his latest project, Blasian Narratives, a bricolage of thematically divided vignettes based on the cast members’ real life experiences. How does one navigate being Black and Asian in the U.S.? How do the repeated experiences of being read as predominately as Black or predominately as Asian impact one’s prospect… Keep Reading

TUJ Lecture Series: New World Law & Order

Recent political protests worldwide highlight the seemingly endless struggle between government interests in preventing crime, maintaining public order and protecting national security balanced against negatively impacting individual civil liberties and minority communities. Be sure to check out the upcoming Temple University, Japan Campus Lecture Series, New World Law & Order: Profile, Protest, and Social Justice hosted… Keep Reading

Jim Crow During the Occupation of Japan

Jim Crow Black/White violent apartheid of the USA, was also practiced as American culture in the U.S. military during the Occupation of Japan. A valid observation not typically discussed when examining the relationship between America and Japan. Then again, Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd presents an abundance of truths via his blog Dream of the Water Children:… Keep Reading

Find Your Bliss in Tokyo

In Finding Your Bliss in Tokyo, Jason Gatewood writes: Tokyo is often called the world’s most densely populated megacity and with good reason. Roughly 30 million people—10 percent of Japan’s total population—live in the 60-kilometer radius around Greater Tokyo. With so many people living in such close quarters, you’d think there would be little opportunity… Keep Reading

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