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News, discussion and opinion on various topics or issues related to the past and current history and culture of the Black Diaspora.

Hair Care in Japan: PBE Co., Ltd.

  Introducing P.B.E. (Professional Braids Extension Company, LTD.). A Tokyo-based salon with an international staff that speaks English, Japanese and French. Please call TEL:03-3371-4777 or mobile:090-4524-8408 for additional information and reservations! View the PBE website and styles gallery via the links below: View Women’s styles here. View Men’s style here. View Children’s styles here. View the photo and… Keep Reading

Black Samurai

Japan is not a place one would usually associate with immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean. Yet in the late 16th century Japan’s most powerful warlord, Oda Nobunaga, had a black page who served as his bodyguard and was granted the prestigious rank of Samurai. Keep Reading

Commander of U.S. Army Forces in Japan Suspended

Major General Michael T. Harrison, Sr. has been suspended from his duties for allegedly failing to report or properly investigate an allegation of sexual assault, the Army said Friday. A Howard University graduate and native of Surry, Virginia, MGEN Harrison, entered the United States Army May 1980. He assumed the duties as Commander, United States… Keep Reading

Bobby Ologun’s Moon Dream

It looks like Bobby Ologun has finally finished his autobiographical film project. Nippon Cinema reports: Nigerian-born talento and mixed martial artist Bobby Ologun has directed and starred in an autobiographical movie called Moon Dream. In addition to directing and starring, Ologun also wrote the screenplay and produced under his real name, Bobby Konda The film… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Verdict Discussion, Part 3 of 3

Part three of a three-part discussion on the evidence, legal proceedings and outcome of the Nicola Furlong case and trial. Special insight from an assistant professor of forensic medicine and forensic scientist that has previously worked at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as a Criminologist conducting forensic toxicology. If you are not familiar with… Keep Reading

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