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Black / Black – Asian / Blasian Hair!

Last updated on November 26, 2016

Hair is a topic that is often discussed, especially within the Black Community. Now talk about “Black” hair when it comes to biracial/bicultural children and the conversation takes on a new dynamic.

I love my Afro but keeping it conditioned and styled is not without its challenges here in Japan. Then again, finding a barber that can cut and style Black hair is probably a bigger challenge for most Blacks in Japan especially those living within the local community versus on a U.S. military installation.

Of course, some Blacks opt to cut and style their own hair, as I have done for at least three decades, while others on U.S. military bases in Japan utilize on-base barber and beauty establisments. One thing is for certain, Team Natural has gained a new following as Blacks are returning to their roots and opting to wear their hair without chemical relaxers, perms and the like.

The talented singer, Judith Hill, and her mom, Michiko, talk about how they embraced Judith’s beautiful, ethnic hair after some adventures in hairstyling including the ‘Mickey Mouse’ or as Judith calls it, ‘Afro Deadmaus'” in the video below.

In this next video, “Natural Hair | Transition Style | Cute Curly Fro Tutorial,” by JAMIA, shows you how to use a Flexi-Rod Set on to achieve beautiful curls and waves. Many women have experienced chemical related hair loss and scalp conditions often transition and “grow” natural. Check out additional videos by Jamia here.

Here is another video by YoursNaturally11 for women with a longer curly hair. I’m sure you will pick up a few tips on taking care of your natural hair.

Samirah Gilli presents her Defined Chunky Flat 3-Strand Twist-out.

Lastly, for women with long curly hair, here is Jasmine Brown showing you 10 Bun styles for curly natural hair.

By the way, I am often asked what products I use to condition and style my hair or what I use to take care of my children’s hair, which is of a different texture than mine. One product line that I highly recommend is Shea Moisture. I support this company for all that they have done to focus on natural hair. I use their products whether I am wearing a long or short ‘fro or my whether my boys have a short cut or long curly hair.

the guys

For the kids, I use Shea Moisture’s Mango-Carrot organic product line. For me, Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter, works best for my hair and body. Be sure to check out Shea Moisture Specials for some great deals! Learn more about Shea Moisture and view their Behind the Scenes #BREAKTHEWALLS videos.

Feel free to comment and provide your own recommendations on how to care for your or your childs’ hair.

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