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Racism in Japan Videos Causing a Stir

Another view on life in Japan:

[Via Medama Sensei Channel] “Is there racism and discrimination in Japan?
I was surprised to find out that almost all of my high school students (about 1000 students) were not aware of the racism and discrimination that goes on in Japan.
Racism and discrimination in Japan does exist, however, it is not a topic that is reported on enough in the news and is rarely talked about in the schools. As long as there is no discussion on racism and discrimination in Japan, people like the Burakumin, Zainichi-Koreans, and Okinawans will suffer in silence.”

びっくりしたのはこの質問を高校生に聞いたら、ほとんどの生徒がないと言ってました。­日本では人種差別と差別ありますけど、あまりニュースに出ないし、学校で差別のレッス­ンをあまりやりません。いつまでも日本での人種差別や差別が話題にならなかったら、部­落民や在日朝鮮人や沖縄人が静かに苦労します。 in Japan Part 2 日本では人種差別がありますか?パート2

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