Polaris Project Japan
Via Polaris Project Japan: “Hundreds of thousands of women and children are trafficked to and within Japan.  Many are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation.  Because of threat/manipulation, the victims of trafficking often don’t realize their own situation.
To report information about a potential human trafficking situation please call the Polaris Project Japan Hotline :0120-879-871
Call specialists are available to take your tips and offer referrals to local service providers, as well as provide anti-trafficking resources and information. To report a situation electronically email:Soudan@PolarisProject.jp

About Polaris Project Japan: Tokyo based organization combating all forms of trafficking and serving both Japanese and foreign national victims, including men, women and children. It operates national hotline as well as trainings for law enforcement and service providers. For more info: www.polarisproject.jp “
10代のためのSOSサイト/Outreach site for teens:www.Pol214.com


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人身取引専用ホットライン/Trafficking Hotline:0120-879-871(匿名可)

“Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide”
A U.S. bestseller by Pulitzer Prize winners are now published in Japanese.