kameya beach house

Hey BT’ers! Be sure to show your support during the 3rd Year Beach House Anniversary Bash on August 31, 2013. There will be a FREE (yes, FREE) BBQ PLATE for everyone from 1200-1400.

There will also be a bikini give away for the first 30 ladies/customers at Beach House Kameya Enoshima sponsored by [5150.Jp] Swim Wear from 1200-1400. Tell a friend, get yo’ grub on, check out the bikinis and bring your bikini bod, 6-pack abs or 1 pack abs if you’re reppin’ the beer crew.

Beach House Kameya Enoshima

We look forward to seeing everyone and as always, Beach House Kameya Enoshima truly appreciates all the love and support throughout the years!


Much Luv,