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Loco in Yokohama
Another interesting and “calling-it-like-it-is” post from Baye McNeil a.k.a. Loco in Yokohama on “Shit Apologist Say About The Empty/Gaijin Seat + Some Intentionally Silly Stuff.” Are Loco and the YouTube presenters on point?


Summation: “Embrace the Gaijin Seat, Don’t get offended.”

Loco’s commentary on the Inaka Blues YouTube video:

“I bet this guy would have told Rosa Parks: “Now why the hell would you want to sit next to people who clearly don’t want to sit next to you? Hell, go sit with your own people…you’ll be more comfortable, trust me, and so will they. Everybody’s happy!”

Mild exaggeration, but then again, as he says, he’s not African-American, so who knows how he’d approach full-on segregation and discrimination. Based on this video, I really have no idea. There certainly were some African-Americans in favor of this approach (read: Booker T. Washington) and quite a few who were in favor of full separation of the races (Louis Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, etc…)”

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