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TONY – Taste Of New York presents Argie Phine Martin with Patrick Pryor

Check out a wonderful friends and performers Argie Phine Martin with the soulful Patrick Pryor on guitar as she sings “My Funny Valentine” at TONY – Taste Of New York.

TONY – Taste Of New York is a Food Brand for a restaurant in Nishi Azabu called “Kitchen Bar ARS”

There are LIVE events every Friday and Saturday in the restaurant with Spectacular vocalists. Click the links below for additional information. Please “Like” TONY on FaceBook and subscribe to their YouTube page in order to spread the word.

YouTube: TONYTasteOfNewYork
Twitter: @TONYTasteOfNY

TONY Line Up

毎週金曜日と土曜日にスペシャルライブイベントを開催している西麻布のライブレストラン「トニー ティスト オブ ニューヨーク」。週末の夜に最高のシンガーによる歌声を聴きながら素敵な時間を提供していきます。

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