WOW! Denki Anma Fukkatsu or The Electric Stomp Returns”! I’m not sure of the flavor found in every crunchy bag of these Doritos in Japan but it may not matter if you are sensitive or allergic to nuts.

In all seriousness, here is some background on Denki Anma Fukkatsu:

–  電気 (でんき), denki means “electricity”
–  アンマ (按摩), anma [press (an) and rub (ma)] means to “press” (or in this case, “stomp”)
- 復活 (フッカツ), fukkatsu means “returns.”

Origin: [Past] In Japan during the Edojidai (Edo Period), this was a form of torture used on runaway prostitutes or women under contract for “service.”

To shame and punish the woman, the torturer had the woman bound, spread eagle and then used his foot to press into her groin area as a crowd looked on.

[Present] From 1973, Dororon (ドロロン) Enma-kun えん魔くん (boy’s name), a Japanese horror-comedy anime and manga series created by Go Nagai. It’s one of Nagai’s most famous works in Japan. Enman-kun and two others go after ghosts that have escaped from Hell into the human world.

Japanese boys back in the 60’s and 70’s used the “Denki Anma Fukkatsu” as a wrestling technique. The creator of this Doritos series is probably in his early-40’s. Younger kids may not know of this schoolyard / playground wrestling technique!

BTW, I guess the warning: “May contain nuts.” is in order.