Hey BT’ers! Here is an interesting post by ShaSha over at the My Boyfriend is Asian blog entitled: “Wanna Meet Asian Men? Then Get Yo Ass Out the Country!” ShaSha writes”

“LOL got your attention right? No, this isn’t a blog about the only way to meet great Asian men is to say F it to the states and head on. But this IS a blog post about traveling.

A few days ago The Root posted an article about the rise in black expats which I enjoyed a lot. While I was living in Japan I met a few black women. One was an African girl who was doing study abroad. I met another woman who was in the military and two other women that were teachers.

I enjoyed meeting these women because not only was it good to see that I wasn’t the only one bitching about how the humidity was messing with my hair, but it was good to see that these women were in Japan doing different types of things. I always encourage black women to get out in the world and get cultured and shit. So do it!”

Click here to read the rest of the article and check out additional commentary on Asian culture, black culture, and black/Asian relations from the perspective of a black woman. Oh yeah! Be sure to us what you think.