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Obama Visits Japan

US President Barack Obama closed his 10-day trip to Asia in Japan. Although, it will take a while to gauge the overall success of his trip, it is good to see a warm response from those in Japan.

The first time Obama visited Japan as POTUS, he reflected on eating green tea ice cream (matcha ice) in Kamakura during a visit with his mother to see the Daibutsu (great Buddha). After the news picked up on the story, the matcha ice business boomed and some even renamed the treat Obamatcha ice (cream). Just proves that Obamatcha can take a licking!

Report in English (CNN):

Report in Japanese (NTV):

This one gets “Say What?!” award:

If you don’t have the time to make matcha ice, try Haagen0Dazs. The US version is not as rich as the one sold in Japan but it is close enough!

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