A photo of Yukihisa Fujimoto director of the documentary One Shot One Kill
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As discussions continue regarding the fate of U.S. bases in Okinawa dominate the headlines in Japan, some may wonder whether or not the presence of the US in Japan hinders or helps the people of this Island nation. Some may debate if Japan’s Prime Minister Hatoyama is handling the situation properly, while other may wonder if the U.S. is simply bulling Japan to continue to allow the U.S. presence in Okinawa. A new documentary may give a bit more incite into the training and day to day life of enlisted men and women in the United States Marine Corps.

The documentary appropriately titled “One Shot One Kill,” was filmed at Parris Island, the U.S. Marine Corps training facility made famous in the film “Full Metal Jacket,” even though many of the scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s film where actually filmed in England. Director Yukihisa Fujimoto and crew travel to South Carolina to document the journey of new recruits as they arrive at Parris Island and almost immediately have their civilian life striped away in order to break them down and build them back up. Now screening in Tokyo, this film documents the process of orientation, physical training, live fire exercises and bayonet practice. Many new recruits struggle with following proper orders while being yelled at by drill instructors, but Fujimoto’s film shows the evolution as the young recruits become more seasoned junior marines.

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Fujimoto, 56, is a critic of the fact that there are many U.S. military bases in Japan, says he initially got the ideal to do the film as he was observing young marines in Okinawa and came to the realization that he knew little about their background. Fujimoto, his producer Asako Kageyama and their crew began filming at Parris Island in January 2008 where roughly 500 new recruits enter every week and some 20,000 marines graduate each year. One recruit interviewed by Fujimoto stated the he wanted to become a Marine to help make the world a better place while hopefully bringing peace to places currently at war.

(Courtesy of America Banzai blogspot)

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