Shot of the guard shack at one of the entrances to the Yokota Air Force base.

Hello BT’ers! Another follow-up to the post on the four American teenagers at Yokota AFB arrested on charges of attempted murder.

“A U.S. teen accused of bodily injury after stringing a rope across a Tokyo road, causing severe injuries to a motorcyclist, will appear before the Tokyo Family Court’s Tachikawa branch, it was decided Friday. After prosecutors identified the 19-year-old as the ringleader, they decided to put him before a family court on the lighter charges of traffic obstruction and inflicting bodily injury, and drop charges against the other three.” Click here for the story in English and in Japanese.

It should be noted that: “The fourth case was referred to family court, which in Japan handles cases involving people 19 and younger. The family court judge has as long as eight weeks to decide whether to treat the suspect as a minor or refer the case back to the adult criminal justice system.”