It was nice to come across a series of posts that deal with marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and fatherhood in Japan. Red via the Stippy: Japan blog writes on becoming a father in Japan. In part 1 of his Daddy-san series, The Adventures of a Gaijin Dad in Japan, Red discusses the joy of finding out that his wife is pregnant and later tackles the question of why the “rules” surrounding pregnancy for human beings could be so different across our two countries?


In part 2 of the series, Breast is best and don’t let your Japanese OB/GYN tell you otherwise, Japan: Stippy writes of new Japanese mom’s :

It’s not because they are rushing back to the work force, the vast majority are dedicated (and motivated) stay-at-home mothers. It’s because a combination of dated medical practices and an advertising dollar focused publishing industry has lead Japanese mothers to believe that there is a good chance that their breasts won’t be making enough milk.

Part 3 of the Daddy-san series, Traveling with your baby, deals with the non-Japanese father that desires to take the young child overseas to see the other side of the family:

Actually it’s not even that normal to take a young baby outside of your home for the first month (or more) in Japan. I have no idea what is “best for baby” but I’m more than happy to relay our experiences of baby travel and how much fun we were able to have without all of the stress that is apparently assumed when you’ve got a baby.

I hope that you enjoy the series and if you are wondering how it all started, check out Getting Pregnant in Japan (the series)! To learn more about Stippy, click here.