The latest from Mr. Seals: On October 2nd Black Professionals Tokyo will hold it’s first Entrepreneur Night. This will be an evening where members of our community who have either started their own business, or are involved in new and exciting ventures, introduce their businesses to the public.

The goal of this evening is to allow the public to learn more about new interesting products in the market, new opportunities for partnerships (if you are a business owner yourself), or better yet opportunities to invest on the ground floor of new and innovative industries.

From a cultural standpoint, it is a chance to meet new people, learn the backgrounds, and motivations of people who have traveled around all the way around the world to achieve a dream of financial independence, corporate success, and personal freedom. Even if you are not a small business owner, or interested in working with a new business, the evening (and people there) will definitely have something to offer you.

5 companies will be presenting. Each company will provide a 5 minute presentation, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. After the presentations, the cocktail time begins where you can mix and mingle will all of the attendees and presenters.

Some of the companies participating are below.
1. Lawrence Bell: Globabble – Online Translation Service – http://www.globabble.com
2. Damion Mannings: Magical – Provides a number of services and products including products to help people stop smoking – www.magical-online.com
3. Concept Design Principal Ed Thompson – Special Talk on Strategic Planning – www.cd-smp.com
4. Michiko Nakayama African Issues Talk: Obstetric Fistula – of Fistula Japan, www.fistula-japan.org

Details are as follows:

Black Professionals Tokyo Entrepreneur Night
Date: Friday October 2nd, 2009
Location: Wall Street One 4th Floor
Cost:1000 yen (includes 2 drinks)

For more information please see www.blackprofessionalstokyo.ning.com or Tokyo Black Professionals on Facebook

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me? hseals@mgti.co.jp

来る10月2日(金)、Black Professionals Tokyoは初の「起業家ナイト」を催します。


この会の目的は、今、市場に存在している新しくめずらしい商品について学んだり、(貴方がご自身でビジネスをされている場合には)ビジネス・パー トナーとの新しい機会を探るきっかけとなったり、革新的な業界に投資するチャンスを得たり、様々な魅力ある機会を提供することです。



1. Globabble オンライン翻訳サービス http://www.globabble.com
2. Magical Online 離煙サポートのための商品を販売しています。 http://magical-online.com/
3. 特別講演:Concept Design会社の代表のEd Thompson氏よりの講演: マーケティング戦略  www.cd-smp.com
4. アフリカのテーマの特別講演:Fistula Japan −  www.fistula-japan.org


『Black Professionals Tokyo 起業家ナイト』
日時:10月2日(金) 7時より
場所:六本木のWallStreet Iのバー
地図: http://www.wallstreetbar.jp/bar/access/

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