The Invisible Gaijin has a pretty interesting post for those not quite sure if they fall into the gaijin or gaikokujin category. Be sure to recommend a few others that can be added to the list. Here is a partial listing:
  1. You call yourself gaijin because you know it pisses off the newbie gaikokujin.
  2. You bow repeatedly when talking on the phone.
  3. You offer your business card before shaking hands with a visitor from overseas.
  4. You prefer Japanese Big Macs to American Big Macs.
  5. You can sing enka perfectly but Japanese colleagues still ask you to sing “Country Road” at karaoke.
  6. You freak out folks back home when you take off your shoes at the door.
  7. You automatically duck your head when exiting the subway.
  8. You ignore other gaijin, especially the tourists who make eye contact and smile.
  9. You have pretended you don’t speak English at least three times.
  10. You fold the paper wrapper for the chopsticks to make a neat little stand.

Here is the scale to see where you fall:

0-5 You’ve been here less than a year. Gambare!
6-20 You’ve been here a while but keep trying.
21-49 You’re qualified to call yourself a gaijin.
50-59 You’ve been here too long and can call yourself anything you please!

Click here to read the rest of the list and to find out if your gaijin or gaikokujin.