Japan expects Clinton to help resolve abduction issue



Japan expects Clinton’s Japan visit on Feb. 16 to help resolve abduction issue. Now if only the issue of married/divorce Japanese women kidnapping their biracial / dual nationality children is discussed! 

A Japan-U.S. negotiator commented:  “The Obama administration is fully aware that removing North Korea from the terror list has not helped resolve the issue; on the contrary, it has complicated U.S. relations with Japan. The Obama administration will not make the same mistake as its predecessor. The administration also is keeping in mind the DPRK’s violation of the 1994 Framework Agreement with the U.S. under the Clinton administration that resulted in giving Pyongyang time to develop nuclear weapons.”

A Foreign Ministry source, however, noted: “Since the U.S. gives priority to the nuclear issue over the abduction issue, if new moves are observed in North Korea, Japan’s view probably will be ignored.”

Kyoko Nakayama, special advisor to the prime minister, visited the U.S. in January and asked key U.S. government officials to continue to help resolve the abduction issue. However, according to a senior Foreign Ministry official, North Korea is also trying to have its views reflected in the new U.S. administration’s policy. Optimism may not be warranted regarding how the U.S. will respond. Source: excerpts from Sankei Shimbun

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  1. It seems that Japan didn’t learn from the move of administration Bush to remove N.Korea from list of countries sponsoring terror and completely dropping the abduction issue. Japan seems to be expecting a clean start from the new American administration but what Japan is ignoring is that many Democrats called on Japan years ago to do more on their part on human right issues and take a clear stand to fight racism and discrimination in this country.
    I strongly believe that the US should press N.Korea on this issue but also press Japan to improve their treatment of foreigners and minorities in this country. Unless Japan take clear stands on human rights, the international community will and should continue to treat Japan equally.
    I am not sure that Clinton will be impressed when she reads this article.

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