No matter how many times I see pictures like the one above hit the Japanese media, it seems like “some” people here still don’t get it! Previously there was uproar over the Tokyo Metropolitan Government discriminatory depictions of blacks in their Earthquake Pamphlet, corporations using racist language and imagery in advertising and of course a few music groups using blackface during their performances. I guess with the current Obama boom in Japan, some of these soccer players need a  swift kick in the balls to reach the goal of having a clue! Oops! I meant no offense, it was done in jest. By the way Nissan, next time be sure to check the oil!

Japan Probe writes: “Dan writes to let us know about a shocking encounter at an event for Japanese soccer fans:

On January 31st, the J.League Division 1 team Yokohama F. Marinos held “Tricolore Festa”, a party for its supporters. Events included speeches, meet-and-greets, open practices, and skits performed by the
plays to the amusement of all.

I’ll, um, let you scroll down to the bottom and figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

Gosperats impression, or some other form of African imitation?

Those who wish to complaint can do so by contacting the e-mail address on their site.”