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Dear Life: Responding to Ignorance

Clam#18 Couv.inddThis podcast struck a cord with me and brought back some unpleasant memories of when I started my journey to learn more about Africa, Japan and Asia. Actually this podcast really pissed me off because it seems like no matter how hard sistas (and other women/men) try to improve mentally, physically, spiritually or financially, there will always be someone trying to bring them down.

With time I was able to ignore people that seemingly had no other purpose in life than to hate, envy or attempt to “insert another four-letter word here” my goal to see, learn, experience and do something outside of “my” norm. I have previously mentioned on this post, my desire to contribute to academia and help others like me that have an interest in Japan and Asia.

When it comes to dealing the media, I found that the best defense is to pick your battle and attack.  intro2the1 pointed out in the video below: “cable TV is an African-American’s worst enemy!” Now I follow the school of thought of both Bill Cosby and Eric Michael Dyson when it comes to images and dealing with “ones” situation in life, so collective and self-responsibility is in order.

Black Tokyo has fought the Tokyo Government over racist depictions of Blacks in a government publication; companies over blatantly racist portrayals of Blacks in television commercials, products and in music [shout out to the Community for their assistance]; and responds to commentary that stretches the truth or just misses the mark.

I understand what intro2the1 is going through and I wish her strength in dealing with those trying to bring her down. Gambatte!

Click here to view the podcast.

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