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Pepsi White

Thirsty? This in from Brent at Konbini Life. Not sure if I would buy a bottle but interesting none the less!

“So I’m walking by the soda section, and frankly this bottle is pretty hard to miss, so at the very least I have to give the design team props. ‘Pepsi & Yogurt’?! WTF?!?

Usually I don’t have to put much thought into what something tastes like, but this one I mulled over for a good 30 minutes. Eventually I came up with an answer: Girl’s Body Lotion. The split second it hits your lips you think to yourself ‘this is good!’ but you give up that thought as soon as you start drinking it. Kind of the same way you’d rather lick a girl with said lotion than eat her.

It smells sweet and if you can find a girl who will let you pour this on her so you can lick it off of her neck or belly, by all means buy a bottle. If you happen to own World of Warcraft, this ain’t gonna get you throught the night.

Price: 147yen. Store: 7-11.”

Be sure to check out Konbini Life to see what tricks and treats are offered!

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