At 0830 Obama called McCain to ask him to jointly issue a statement on the US financial crisis. Hours later, McCain calls Obama to inform him that he can issue a joint statement but also will need to delay the debate.

Suddenly,  John “I don’t know much about economics” McCain wants an abrupt stop to his presidential campaign in order to return to Washington, D.C. and work on the financial crisis?! Now McCain has a plan?! Everyone in America is waiting for the debate this Friday. Why the sudden move for McCain to call for a cancellation of the debate? What a way to set “politics” aside. By the way, McCain said that he will also suspend his television advertisements.We have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have major issues to deal with on the international scene, we have a major crisis in the USA and this guy wants to “focus” on the bailout bill. Wow! So the “I am ready to lead from day one” McCain suspends his campaign to focus on the economic crisis. I guess McCain cannot multi-task? Our economic future in the United States is at hand but what happens when this and another type of crisis occurring at the same time? McCain even asked Obama to “join” him in Washington to work on the economic crisis. 

Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama is leading McCain by 9 percentage points (52% to 43%) in the most recent polls. We have less than 45-days until the election, what’s really going on?

McCain did not come clean on his campaign manager’s PAID service at Freddie (Mac) which ended last month [btw, Fannie Mae has been my friend since it was at $.51]. I guess that it was hard to address the smaller economic issue in the past but it is easier to focus on the bigger one at present. Selectively memory at its finest!

Barney Frank said that McCain is throwing the longest Hail Mary pass in the history of (political) football and Mary’s. Boo on you McCain. Don’t be a flake. Do you duty and give the American people what you promised, a debate!